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Jesus said, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

 Jesus is still the answer for a lost and suffering world.  

Hurt, pain, unbelief, paganism, sickness, abuse and torment can be found everywhere. Through global evangelism, LIFE Outreach maximizes opportunities and resources to present the good news of salvation, forgiveness, love and hope found in Jesus Christ.  

In partnership with missionaries in the field, ministries and indigenous churches, LIFE supports open-air crusades, film evangelism, one-on-one street ministry, outreach campaigns at our LIFE Centers and crusades at water well drilling sites. We also incorporate evangelism into our crisis relief efforts. 

Reaching the vast and remote areas of Africa is a tremendous challenge. Our mission partners travel from village to village in teams, passionately sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the often-forgotten people in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania.

The mission teams go because there are people who have never heard about Jesus – people who need to know of a Savior who loves them and cares about their lives.

From the very first ministry-sponsored evangelism campaign in Africa until today, there have been nearly 10 million decisions for Christ.

In India, our mission teams use the country’s favorite recreational pastime – watching movies – as an effective evangelism tool. This film outreach features an all-Indian cast sharing the story of Jesus in the language and dialect native to the area.

God continues to bless this unique campaign to win souls for Christ in this subcontinent, even in dark places where opposition to Christianity has traditionally been very strong.

Facing threats of violence for sharing their faith, overcoming hazardous travel conditions, sacrificing life with their families, the missionaries are committed to evangelism . . .  at any cost.

We ask that you keep the global evangelism outreach and our mission teams in your prayers and thank you for your faithful support.  Every gift is an investment into the eternal destiny of souls as we fulfill Jesus Christ’s call to share life.

Global Evangelism

LIFE Outreach hopes to reach more than 15 nations with the Good News in 2016. Our prayer is that tens of thousands will come to Christ through outdoor crusades in Africa, as well as film evangelism in hundreds of villages across India.

Our call is to share the Gospel in word and deed, not only preaching, but also feeding the hungry, providing water for the thirsty and offering shelter to the orphans.


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