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When a small congregation in Durres, Albania, - the poorest city in the poorest nation in Europe - responded to the plight of refugees fleeing ethnic violence in Kosovo, the believers demonstrated the compassion of Christ.

The congregation, with support from LIFE Outreach, cared for up to 2,000 refugees a week, providing food, water and shelter and a safe haven. The Albania LIFE Center was born out of that congregation's extraordinary sacrifice and faith in action.

Today, more than 1000 people attend the Sunday service at the center, which serves primarily as a church, and at a second church location planted by the congregation's evangelism outreach.

In addition to serving as a church, the four-story Albania LIFE Center offers orphan care, a youth facility, a church training center and a feeding program. Three times per year, the LIFE Center staff and volunteers distribute over 800 bags of food to poor families.