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Established in 1996 the food factory in Lobito, Angola was upgraded in 2003 with the installation of a fully-automated control panel. Each portable factory has the capacity to produce 180 bags of food per day – enough for 54,000 meals. Altogether, the factory produces 120 metric tons (268,800 pounds) of our nutritious soup mix (CSBM) per month.
The CSBM consists of ground corn (maize), sugar, oil, beans and milk powder, making it a good balance of starches, protein, carbohydrates, calcium and vitamins. The ingredients are ground, mixed, processed and bagged at the factory. Each bag has an inner plastic layer, which is heat-sealed to ensure freshness, and an outer more robust sacking bag, which is sewed closed with a special bag sewing machine.
The European Union, World Food Program, and other aid agencies have approved the use of the donated food in this way and see it as an effective way of meeting the nutritional needs of hungry and malnourished children.