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The Bolivia LIFE Center in Cochabamba is a model for the nation and other developing countries in South America struggling daily to reach with "street kids."

With poor health conditions, serious diseases, unsafe drinking water, malnutrition and inadequate housing, Bolivia is the poorest nation in South America. Hundreds of children live on the street, trying to survive in deplorable conditions.

Our mission teams have witnessed children as young as 2 sleeping in cardboard boxes, covering themselves with strips of plastic tarp, old blankets or anything else they can find to stay warm.

The LIFE Center is a home and a sanctuary, for 100 boys who have been abandoned, abused and orphaned. The Center includes six dormitory rooms, counseling offices, a medical clinic, a computer training room, a large kitchen, private living quarters for staff and visiting mission teams and an agricultural farming program.

The center also serves as a hub for mission outreach to the community, including evangelism efforts and water well drilling projects.

In the courtyard, the Walkway of LIFE with the names of the donors etched in brick pave the way for a brighter future for these young people.