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Near the scenes of Cambodia's "killing fields" where millions lost their lives under the Pol Pot regime, children at the Cambodia LIFE Center now live in peace and with wonderful expectations about their futures.

The boys and girls, now under the loving care of our mission partners, were once orphaned and abandoned, fending for themselves as street children. During the Kmher Rouge regime, Cambodia's family structure was nearly destroyed. Now with godly love and direction, the children at the LIFE Center will be able to, as adults, provide a Christian influence to their own families and their communities.

Today, they have proper nutrition – growing most of their own food at the center's farm – and receive medical care and education at the LIFE Center, located on ten acres of land about 12 miles from Phnom Penh, the nation's capital.

The LIFE Center is also a hub for mission outreach, including church development, to the surrounding communities. Our mission partners conduct feeding programs and medical outreaches as well as drill wells that will provide clean, life-saving water to thousands of families for generations to come.