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In China, countless children with physical disabilities are left orphaned and abandoned. The Chinese government is working to help them, but lacks the resources to care for over 5 million orphans. That's where Tim and Pam Baker come in.

LIFE Outreach has partnered with the Bakers and their Phillip Hayden Foundation and established a LIFE Center in China. Known as the Shepherd's Field Children's Village, this unique LIFE Center is really a tiny village, with 2-3 orphans placed with a nanny in their own home.

In these homes, the children's emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are provided for as they experience the love of God on a daily basis. Also, the village environment helps the children transition smoothly into their adoptive families more than a traditional institutional orphanage ever could.

God is truly moving in the orphans at Shepherd's Field. Will you join with us to make a difference in their lives?