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The beauty of Thailand and its people is marred by the fact that human trafficking is so active here. Their children and teens – especially those raised in more rural areas where poverty is high – are often deceived with offers of good jobs in the larger cities. They’re led to believe they will be earning money for their families back home. But, once gone, they often find themselves enslaved by their "owners" who use them for forced labor, or worse, sell them into the sex slave industry.

We cannot look away from this evil. We must lift our voices and make a difference. The LIFE Center in Thailand is a place of refuge and safety, where children can learn of God's love for them and develop the vocational skills so vital for their future. Awareness outreaches to communities are a regular part of the mission workers’ schedule, seeking to prevent children from ever being taken and also to teach parents about the enticing lies of “job” recruiters.

The LIFE Center in Thailand is one of our largest, designed to care for 1000 children per year. Our prayer is for the children residing here to know the love of God and hope for their future. This LIFE Center is a key part of lives in Thailand being redeemed, renewed and restored!