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After missionaries Jim and Sandy McCann lost their infant son, Joshua, while on the mission field, they followed God's prompting to continue serving in Ukraine.

LIFE Outreach and the McCanns partnered to establish the Ukraine LIFE Center to rescue and restore children who had previously known only abuse, neglect or rejection.

The first LIFE Center, Joshua House, is located in the city of L'viv in a renovated house which once housed communist officials. Here, abandoned and abused street children experience love, care, education and Christian instruction, and the children's lives have changed dramatically.

Today, after nurturing youngsters at full capacity for nearly two decades, the LIFE Center has expanded to rural Turka, in the Carpathian Mountains region - about 70 miles from the original Joshua House. At the Joshua Project's two newly-constructed houses, mission workers provide a home for poor, rural children, who might otherwise end up as street children, begging for food and money in Ukraine's cities.

Most of the mission workers at the Joshua Project left the poor countryside as youngsters and were rescued from the streets and raised by the McCanns at Joshua House. Now as adults, they're providing a home for the next generation - at the point of need - and ministering in the communities where poverty and alcoholism have taken a toll on several generations.

Because of the extreme poverty and a sense of hopelessness, Ukraine has often been called "the land that lives in the darkness." But at the LIFE Center, we have discovered that in the darkness of despair, God's love shines brightest.

With your gift of $25, $50 or $75, you can be a LIFE Center Sponsor and help provide for the children's food, clothing and basic medical needs.

With your gift of $100 or more, you can be a LIFE Center Builder and help with additional renovations, equipment and furnishings.

With your gift of $1000 or more, you can be a LIFE Center Founder and help with cornerstone funding of the construction.