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Medical Outreach

For thousands of impoverished children in developing countries, clubfoot, a congenital medical condition, can mean living life as beggars or outcasts – far below their God-given potential.

Clubfoot twists a child’s foot inward and downward, leading to permanent disability. Many of the families can’t afford the braces or surgeries to correct this condition.

Missionary doctors use orthopedic manipulation, with casts and then corrective braces, to help young children walk on straight feet, eventually running and playing and even attending school.

Older children with more severe clubfoot will receive surgery to correct the deformities and begin a more extensive healing process. 

Partnering with doctors from CURE International, we are helping change the lives of children with clubfoot in countries around the world. By providing corrective braces and life-changing surgeries, together with friends like you, we are helping these children take their first steps toward a healthier and better quality of life.