Young girls with hopes and dreams are prime targets of some of the most evil people in the world. Locked behind walls, threatened with beatings, they become sex slaves kept in a “working room” at the brothel.

Our prayer has been, “God help us to help these innocent girls ... help us to reach out in love to rescue every single one we can.

We want them to learn about a God of love, a Heavenly Father who knows her by name and also that there were friends like you – caring people who are willing to reach out and help stop the enslavement of innocent young girls and offer a better life.

That is the heart of Mission:RESCUELIFE, as we seek to ...

Reach out and help keep girls from ever being taken or tricked by a “job offer.” 

Rescue those already enslaved as they long for their freedom.

Restore hope and belief for a better future and help equip them for a new life.

These girls need your voice, and your support enables us to hear their cry.

Today your support goes to work in India, Cambodia, Thailand, Ukraine  and several other nations.

And in the latest news I can share from India and Cambodia, we are excited to report that progress on two new Safe Houses continues. It is there where more girls can find safe haven. The Safe Houses are reaching girls and helping restore their hope.

We ultimately look to our Savior, Jesus, who is able to rescue lives, restore hearts and renew the joy of life that is stolen by the enemy.

There is hope through the Mission:RESCUELIFE outreaches – hope that every day we can keep girls from ever being taken but also rescued and given hope for a brighter future for girls like Sofina.

That’s what your gift of love today will make possible. With each $128 we put to work in Mission:RESCUELIFE efforts, one more girl is reached, rescued or restored from the pain and suffering caused by a life of sexual slavery.