One of our mission teams returned from a tough, eye-opening trip to the nation of Nepal. The report I have read and the images I’ve seen have broken our hearts, but made me even more determined to finish what we’ve started there. Please let me explain.

In Nepal the vistas are filled with some of the world’s highest mountains, including Mt. Everest. This small country has often been described as “the rooftop of the world,” and it is clearly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Yet some unspeakably horrific things are taking place.

Evil men and women are on the prowl every day, looking for young women, even little girls, to snatch from their homes or to lure away with the promise of a better life. The Nepal people are beautiful, lovely and trusting, but this only makes them more attractive and easy prey for the traffickers.

The truth is, each day young girls in Nepal are dragged from the “rooftop of the world” only to end up in a pit of hopeless despair. Once taken, they are drugged, beaten, subjected to horrific abuse and sent away to serve as sex slaves in the hellish brothels of Mumbai, India and other parts of the world.

And while you may not feel called to physically go rescue girls, I believe we are called to support and lift up those who are. Our mission teams have the same heart to reach, rescue and restore the victims of human trafficking.

I’m asking you to help reach, rescue and help restore young lives

With each $128 we are able to invest in this outreach, we can reach out to one child trapped in the horrors of human trafficking. With a gift of $32 we can match it with 3 others, but I’m also believing for some to give $256 to help show 2 girls the way to freedom!

Please give as the Lord directs you and know EVERY gift helps make an impact in ministry that helps take lives out of the darkness and into a better future.

When a mother pleads, “Do you have a place for my daughter?” we will have the answer she longs to hear: “Yes, we do; and yes, we will help her.”

We must act now!

This is our calling in the Kingdom of God – to offer physical and spiritual deliverance through the love of Christ. We can shine the light of God’s love where demons of darkness seek to wound and destroy children’s lives!

Please pray for our mission partners in Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Eastern Europe, where human trafficking is so active. Thank you for standing with all the outreaches of LIFE that are touching and saving lives each day.