We’ve been presented with an opportunity that is a tremendous answer to prayer! 

For years, our mission partners in Southeast Asia have faithfully devoted their lives to the fight against human trafficking.

In one of the most dangerous and hostile areas of activity in the sex industry, untold numbers of children are being enslaved, abused and forced to work in prostitution.

Our work in Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal has made an impact with its preventative outreaches to at-risk children, along with care for orphans and abandoned children, but we have always known we needed to take the next step in our battle. And it’s a BIG STEP!

Our dream has been to build a unique Child Rescue Center, a complex 100% dedicated to rescuing victims from the sex trades, which would enable us to get them out of traffickers’ reach, and immediately begin the recovery process from the abuse they suffered.

A family foundation that knows of our mission work in Asia and our dedication to saving and helping children inquired about the Child Rescue Center project. 

We told them we have the land, but the cost to build a secure, 24-hour/365-day facility equipped with proper staff is $1.23 million!

Miraculously, the foundation promised $820,000 toward this project if we would raise the additional $410,000 needed. That’s a 2-to-1 match of funds!

With this incredible news, we hope to finally tell our mission teams...

"Yes! We can move forward on
the Child Rescue Center!"

The amazing part is that for the first time ever, your gift will be tripled in its impact!

I’m praying you will respond today with a generous gift to help not only see this project begin, but see it through to the end.