LIFE . . . is an invitation to follow Christ.

Jesus told His disciples to, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel . . ." and with your help, LIFE is sending evangelism teams across Africa as well as India, two of the most populated areas in the world. While film evangelism teams have had great success in India, LIFE sponsors a different type of outreach in Africa. Massive outdoor evangelistic crusades present Christ as Savior, and following these meetings, discipleship training classes are offered in villages to help establish new believers with a Bible and instruction. Millions of souls have been won into the Kingdom of God as a result of these evangelistic outreaches.

India’s "film evangelism" enters the digital age with an all-Indian cast presenting the life of Christ film by DVD and projector. And, of course, LIFE TODAY provides our greatest reach to share the hope of new life in Christ with millions around the world each day.

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