LIFE Centers

LIFE . . . is hope for the orphan.

Many of the desperately needy around the world are children; living on the street, orphaned or abandoned, they are afraid and alone. Recognizing the need for long-term care, LIFE Outreach established LIFE Centers to meet the economic, social and spiritual needs of desperate and hurting children. Overseen by dedicated mission partners, most of our LIFE Centers are home to children all around the world, providing medical care, giving assistance in education and vocational training, and providing the essentials of life every day in a Christ-honoring environment.

In Africa, the LIFE Centers play another role altogether; they are where we process a majority of the food necessary for Mission Feeding across many nations in that region. While most operate as full-time orphanages, others also serve as community churches or training centers and still others function as food factories or medical clinics.

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