Mission Feeding

LIFE . . . is a blessing in every bowl.

Currently, we are feeding more than 400,000 children daily in five nations in Africa — Sudan, Mozambique, Angola, South Africa and South Sudan. Our mission teams constantly review areas of need so we can move in as needed to help restore children’s health. For many children in Africa, drought, floods or civil unrest means a lack of crops and, therefore, a severe lack of food. Often, we find areas where children may not even have one meal a day.

In these areas of crisis Mission Feeding can only be described as a miracle of love in action, an answer to prayer for thousands of children each month. We like to say, “There’s life in every bowl” because the nutritious soup mix is filled with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the work of dedicated mission workers and faithful friends who give to make this outreach possible, Mission Feeding is recognized as one of the most effective feeding outreaches in Africa today.

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