Water for LIFE

LIFE . . . is a well with clean water.

By end of year, 2015, Water for LIFE is scheduled to complete 500 more wells, making the total more than 4900 wells since we began. Lack of access to clean water is the greatest problem for nearly 800 million poverty stricken people. Thanks to you, Water for LIFE can send mobile drilling teams to drill and establish wells in communities where only filthy river water, or a scarcity of water, exists.

With each well capable of serving 1000 villagers, this means more than 4.9 million people will experience the life-changing blessing of clean water through Water for LIFE. Clean water helps break the cycle of sickness and death in communities where families have suffered year after year because of contaminated water. It’s the first step to a better future, better health and greater productivity.

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