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Healing What You Can't Erase
Cook offers a road map for moving forward through the losses and scars by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform spirit, soul, and body.
The pain that happened to you is real . . . and it matters immensely. The notion of healing what you can’t erase is not about ignoring the devastation of your past or putting a glossy, positive spin on current tragedy. That plastic version of faith isn’t actually faith; it’s unbelief.
Healing What You Can’t Erase offers a far better solution—a road map for moving forward through losses and scars by allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to transform us—spirit, soul, and body.
Through story, instruction, action steps, and guided questions, you’ll discover
• why transformation beats willpower and self-help
• how to recognize and heal a broken spirit
• well-researched, biblically grounded strategies to revitalize your mental and emotional well-being
• how inside-out integrated transformation changes your spirit, soul, and body
Whether you’re wrestling with the loss of a marriage, a fractured friendship, a betrayal at work, or a chronic illness, there is hope. No matter your pain or traumatic experience, the Holy Spirit can heal and restore you to the life God created you for.
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Artist: Christopher Cook
Topic: Healing
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