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The Privilege of Prayer
Be empowered to connect with God through prayer in new ways and experience a new sense of fulfillment.
If there's truly power in prayer, why do we only offer up quick pleas for help or lists of requests? It's because we've lost the biblical vision of what prayer really is: an exciting, risky and faith-filled journey that pushes the limitations of our imaginations – made possible through unrivaled intimacy with the Creator of the universe.

With his trademark blend of honesty and encouragement, pastor Andrew F Carter shatters your preconceived notions of prayer, empowering you to:

•	Connect with God in ways you never thought possible.
•	Engage in open, honest and transparent prayer.
•	Experience emotional healing.
•	Overcome common hindrances to a vibrant life of prayer.
•	Cultivate an expectant, consistent prayer life.
•	Discern answers to your prayers.

Fulfillment, transformation and eternal impact await you – and it starts when you talk freely with the One who can do exceedingly more than your wildest dreams.
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Artist: Andrew F. Carter
Topic: Personal Growth
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