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The first step to better health

In the world’s poorest communities, you often discover the worst water conditions, which lead to thousands of deaths from dirty and diseased, undrinkable water.

For 19 years, the Water for LIFE outreach has expanded its goal of supplying clean water to communities that cannot afford a proper well. Now, in the 20th year of Water for LIFE, over 6000 wells have been drilled and established–a major milestone and accomplishment with the help of friends who care. With each well serving an average of 1000 people, it means more than 6 million of the world’s poor now have access to clean water.

Water by the numbers and the need

  • Nearly 700 million of the world’s poor lack access to clean water.
  • A leading cause of death among children under 5 is diarrhea from impure drinking water.
  • According to the UN, 1 in 6 girls cannot attend school, as their daily chore is to fetch water for their families, consuming several hours each day.
  • Worldwide, millions of people are infected with neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), many of which are water and/or hygiene-related, resulting in ulcers, worms and parasitic intestinal sickness.

Change lives … for as little as $4.80

Every $4800 invested in the Water for LIFE outreach can help drill and establish a water well that can serve up to 1000 people. Each well is encased with piping, capped with concrete and fitted with a pump handle that even a child can use. So, for as little as $4.80, a child can have access to clean water for years to come.

Your gift of $48, $72 or $144 can help provide clean water for 10, 15 or 30 children and provide the immediate benefit of better health, higher productivity and a brighter future.

Sharing Water for LIFE and the Water of Life

At the center of LIFE Outreach is a heart for sharing the life and love of Christ in both word and deed. Every well established provides the opportunity to share the story of Christ, the Water of Life, and His love, along with lifesaving clean water and its daily supply. Every well is a reminder that someone (like you) cared to give so others could live.


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Your donations are handled only by LIFE Outreach employees and your giving through the internet is secured by LIFE Outreach which includes layered technology to encrypt, authenticate and verify your online transactions.

Thank you for your contribution, which is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. If funds exceed the specific need of a project, or due to unforeseen circumstances the project cannot be completed, they will be used for similar purposes or other outreaches of LIFE such as Mission Feeding, Rescue LIFE, Water for LIFE and The LIFE TODAY program. While every effort will be made to apply your gift according to an indicated preference, if any, LIFE Outreach International has complete discretion and control over the use of the donated funds. We thank God for you and appreciate your support.

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