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Dare to Be

Dare to Be

About the Resource:

Sharing from their firsthand experience of when God pushed them away from their comfort zone and into each other’s lives, friends Charlotte Gambill and Natalie Grant encourage and inspire you to write your own story. In seasons when you feel trapped by the safety of routine, you’ll often find God nudging you to chase His desires for your life by acting out in courage.

Dare to Be will motivate you to…

  • Embrace the outside-of-the-lines woman you were made to be
  • Welcome adventures that ask you to be vulnerable and brave
  • Break free from the obstacles that keep you from accepting the goodness God has in store

Let Charlotte and Natalie cheer you on, strengthen your soul, and encourage you to venture beyond life as you know it. You’ll learn to give your infinite God your complete obedience as you Dare to Be.

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