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Health and Wellness Library

Health and Wellness Library

About the Resource:

In the Health and Wellness Library, you will receive a bundle of products to inspire you to live a life of spiritual and physical health and wellness! 

Let Food Be Your Medicine by Dr. Don Colbert covers the topic of dietary change as prevention or reversal of disease. Dr. Colbert challenges readers with biblical insight regarding what we eat and the effects of various foods on our bodies. When we begin to understand how food alone impacts our daily living, we can make healthier choices to live healthier lives. 

Divine Health is a bonus DVD with two messages by Pastor Robert Morris: “Divine Health” and “Taking Care of the Temple” (also included in the 6-CD audio series Healing for Your Body His Temple). 

Also receive the Healing for Your Body His Temple 6-CD audio series and the Words of Healing Scripture book. We pray that you’ll be encouraged and blessed by the resources included in the Health and Wellness library.

Suggested Donation: $100.00 USD