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Jesus Over Everything

Jesus Over Everything

About the Resource:

We all want to have lives that are simpler and that put Jesus first, but we struggle with both. We stay busy trying to create new ways to streamline our calendars and declutter our closets, but what truly needs our attention is the one thing that can give us long term clarity and peace- Jesus.

In Jesus Over Everything, Lisa Whittle gives a practical and compelling picture of what we crave yet struggle to define as we seek to give God his rightful place in our everyday lives. Consisting of eight statements of choice to help us grow in our understanding of what it means to put Jesus first amid the craziness of our days, Jesus Over Everything helps us to discover the joy of choosing: 

  • commitment over mood
  • real over pretty
  • steady over hype
  • holiness over freedom
  • service over spotlight
  • and more

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