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The Jesus I Know

The Jesus I Know

About the Resource:

For decades Kathie Lee has had deep conversations about her faith with anyone who is interested in talking about it. What she discovered early on is most people are very willing to talk about Jesus: atheists, agnostics, Scientologists, Jews, broken-hearted Catholics, confused Baptists, Pentecostals, Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus alike. 

In The Jesus I Know, Kathie Lee shares cherished conversations that she’s had with others who find Jesus to be an ancient historical figure who somehow continues to be an undeniably magnetic, relevant presence in the modern world. Those conversations include: 

  • Actors like Kristin Chenoweth and Cynthia Garrett, with stories of Craig Ferguson and Kevin Costner
  • Newsmakers and news personalities like Kris Jenner, Megyn Kelly, Jason Kennedy and Janice Dean
  • Performers like Chynna Phillips Baldwin, Brian Welch, Jimmie Allen and Jimmy Wayne
  • Hitmakers like Louis York and David Pomeranz
  • As well as those coming from other faith traditions 

These heartwarming, entertaining conversations with people and personalities offer thought-provoking exchanges that bring Jesus’ teaching to life. The Jesus I Know will intrigue and challenge you to find the Jesus you, too, can know.

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