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When Your Way Isn’t Working

When Your Way Isn’t Working

About the Resource:

In When Your Way Isn't Working, pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman offers a unique exploration of John 15 for all of us who are going through the motions and feel frustrated. Idleman reminds us that it's connection, not production, that leads to a fruitful life and relationships, not circumstances, that bring joy. He offers his distinctive, biblical perspective on how to: 

  • Find greater rest, depth and connection in your life.
  • Embrace freedom from the pressures of performance and production.
  • Recognize what you can't do makes room for what God can do.
  • Step out of isolation even when it feels scary.
  • Discover the top distractions that keep you from connecting to God and how to counter them. 

In the end, the fruit of your life won't have to do with what you accomplished but with whom you stayed connected. Because no matter what happens next in this uncertain world, what matters most, lasts the longest and brings the greatest joy is staying connected to the God who never leaves you.

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