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Under God INDIVISIBLE, A one day conference to equip, encourage and discuss spiritual, social and economic concerns

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David Jeremiah
Fr. Jonathan Morris
Betty Robison
Ravi Zacharias
Dr. Tony Evans
Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
James Robison (comments)
David Barton
Glenn Beck
Dr. Richard Land
Fr. Frank Pavone
Ken Hutcherson
Kenneth Copeland
Dr. Jim Garlow
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Rev. Robert Sirico
Marcus Lamb
James Robison
John Hagee
Robert Morris
Jay Richards
Gloria Copeland
Bishop Harry Jackson
Chris Hodges
David Uth
Mark Gonzalas
Dean Nelson

Download David Jeremiah with Short Intro by James Robison - 342mb

Download David Jeremiah with Longer Intro by James Robison - 553mb