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Christmas Smiles

Children who suffer with severe cleft palate, with no hope of surgery, will be given the gift of a beautiful smile through corrective surgery! This gift extends far beyond new smiles; the corrective surgeries offer lifelong health benefits to children struggling to eat and breathe properly.

This is a life-altering Christmas gift that will be a blessing for a lifetime! Together with our friends and partners, LIFE has provided surgeries throughout the years in cases where severely deformed children had no hope for medical care. Without corrective surgeries, many children face malnutrition because of the complications caused by severe cleft palate.

Devastatingly, parents and families in developing countries will often abandon these little ones because of their facial disfigurements and health issues. Now in our 10th year of the Christmas Shoes and Smiles campaign, we are so thankful for your help in providing generous donations to change lives with corrective surgeries for cleft palates and lips.

Gifts of $500 will help provide a surgery for one child. We’re grateful for your generosity in giving a child a new smile this Christmas – a gift that will drastically improve their quality of life!


Gifts are considered to be without restriction as to use unless explicitly stipulated by the donor.