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Christmas Smiles

Corrective surgeries to repair cleft palates and lips of children in developing countries offer amazing opportunities for a better future. It’s wonderful to see a child be able to smile after their disfigurement is repaired, but this surgery is really about the health benefits. These surgeries improve a child's ability to eat and breathe properly. 

Without the corrective surgery, many children remain sickly and malnourished because they cannot take in food and chew correctly. 

To make matters worse, parents and families in countries like China will often abandon these little ones because of their facial disfigurements and health issues. 

Over the past several years, you have responded to the children’s plight with generous donations for corrective surgeries to repair the palates and lips. We consider the surgeries a Christmas gift that lasts a lifetime! 

At our China LIFE Center, where we provide loving homes for abandoned infants and children, several children with cleft palates and lips are waiting for corrective surgery at this time. Gifts of $500 will help provide this for one child. We’re grateful for the generosity of all those who help give children new smiles and the chance for a brighter tomorrow.


Gifts are considered to be without restriction as to use unless explicitly stipulated by the donor.