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Be Assured

By J.D. Greear Words of Life

What if I went away on a trip and said to my kids, “Daddy will be back soon…or maybe he won’t. Maybe I’m not really your daddy at all. Maybe my real family lives somewhere else. You’ll just…

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Worship Anyway

By Andi Andrew Words of Life

I have found that heartbreak can give voice to healing and hope. This makes no sense except for the divine, unfathomable truth that our God, the Living Word, put on flesh and entered into our despair to redeem with His perfect love all that had been lost. When my mom…

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Save, Please!

By Randy Robison Words of Life

Today we celebrate Easter, the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. For his contemporaries, it marked a dramatic turn of events. One week prior, this controversial prophet entered Jerusalem to much fanfare. Palm branches, often used to greet kings and welcome returning military conquerors, swirled in the air as people waved…

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The Scarcity Mindset

By Robert Morris Words of Life

One of the most prominent and defining characteristics of our heavenly Father is His generosity. The entirety of Scripture testifies to this. Of course, children naturally take after their fathers. Which is why I frequently point out that we are never more like our Father than when we are being…

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