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According to the CDC, an estimated 800 million people don’t have access to clean water. In villages and communities around the world, many have experienced illness, diseases, and even death from waterborne microbes. But thanks to committed teamwork, LIFE Outreach was able to provide over 300,000 people with beautiful, clean drinking water over the past 12 months!

Before receiving their new well, the women in a far remote village had to spend many hours searching for water, only to find muddy contaminated water. Now they are free from that struggle, and can get clean water whenever they need it! The village leader thanked everyone involved, saying, “There have been many challenges…but now, we experience victory that could make us forget all of our sufferings!”

It was so exciting to hear Jasmine’s story! She used to have to walk miles, yes, miles, carrying heavy containers only to bring back polluted, dirty water to her family. With a new, deep well in her community–only minutes from her home, Jasmine can bring home clean, life-giving water! Now she has the freedom to create a bright future for her children, enjoy time with loved ones, and invest into the health of her neighbors!

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