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LIFE TODAY is an innovative talk show, sharing the Gospel message with people all over the world. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents opportunities for viewers to participate in global mission outreaches.

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Near-Death Experiences

Monday, January 17

  • Lee Strobel
  • Near-Death Experiences

The author of "The Case for Heaven" shares verified stories from his research into the separation of soul and body.

Questions About Heaven

Tuesday, January 18

  • Lee Strobel
  • Questions About Heaven

The researcher looks at issues of family, marriage, and other questions about heaven.

Held By The God Of Miracles

Wednesday, January 19

  • Sheila Walsh
  • Held By The God Of Miracles

Sheila looks at the power of physical miracles while pointing to the greater miracles.

Investigating Jesus

Thursday, January 20

  • Lee Strobel
  • Investigating Jesus

The former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune recounts his journey to disprove Jesus Christ.

Water For LIFE

Friday, January 21

  • Sheila Walsh
  • Water For LIFE

Sheila shows the need for clean drinking water around the world and the effectiveness of LIFE's outreach to save lives.

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