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LIFE TODAY is an innovative talk show, sharing the Gospel message with people all over the world. LIFE TODAY ministers to people directly and presents opportunities for viewers to participate in global mission outreaches.

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Choosing The Extraordinary Life

Monday, November 19

  • Dr. Robert Jeffress
  • Choosing The Extraordinary Life

The pastor and author explains how to find your God-given passions in life and achieve them.

Impacting The World

Tuesday, November 20

  • Ann and Isak Pretorius and Jackie Vorster
  • Impacting The World

The family of Peter Pretorius, LIFE's mission partner in Africa who recently passed away, talks about the legacy of a man who changed the world.

How Do You Handle Disappointment

Wednesday, November 21

  • Sheila Walsh
  • How Do You Handle Disappointment

Sheila discusses how to move beyond the things in life that threaten to trap us in disillusionment and pain.

Living The Gospel

Thursday, November 22

  • Ann and Isak Pretorius and Jackie Vorster
  • Living The Gospel

The widow of Peter Pretorius and two of his children talk about the opportunities to save more lives through the Mission Feeding outreach.

Mission Feeding

Friday, November 23

  • Randy Robison
  • Mission Feeding

Randy joins James and Betty to give a firsthand account of the impact of the feeding program.

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