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For Rescue LIFE teams, reuniting the victims of human trafficking with their loving families is always rewarding.

‘Praka’ was rescued and is presently living in one of our restoration centers. She was saddened because she had lost contact with her family, and hadn’t been able to contact any of them for well over a year.

But now, she thanks God, because just recently, she was finally able to make contact and speak with her sister! She plans to visit her family very soon in 2021!

While it can seem unimaginable, it is estimated that 6% of the victims of human trafficking are under the age of 13. Some children are even trafficked as babies and toddlers. One of our most recent rescues recorded was a precious little girl who was sexually trafficked at the young age of six years old. Now she is being nurtured and loved every day in one of our LIFE Centers, and is learning more about the God who is Love!

In March, 2020, one of our mission partner’s S.W.A.T Teams rescued 13 girls from a bar, and arrested two traffickers! In May 2020, that same S.W.A.T Team rescued another 21 women who had been tricked and trafficked against their will. Thankfully, they are now all safe and receiving emotional and physical healing by a very loving and well trained professional staff!

LIFE Outreach has a three pronged vision as we rescue each these women and children out of human trafficking: Reach, Rescue, and Restore! One of our fabulous mission partners has over 300 survivors in programs that aid in developing a career path! These programs include life skill classes, vocational training, such as sewing, cosmetology classes, educational tutoring, learning about God’s unconditional love through Bible study, and receiving daily healing through encouragement from a loving staff and healthy friendships.

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