Crisis Relief
Crisis Relief

As you give to LIFE’s crisis relief efforts you are helping those affected by natural and man-made disasters around the world. Emergency response to each situation is always unique, and LIFE works to provide essentials such as water, ice and food in these unpredictable times of need.

Your support has provided relief to victims of Hurricanes Isaac and, most recently, Sandy, as well as those whose lives have been turned upside down by tornados across the southern United States; Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma., North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.  Thanks to you, support was available following the tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, the floods of Katrina, and many others around the world. Your continued giving will show the love of Christ – in word and deed – to those in times of great need.


The most powerful storm ever to make landfall in the Philippines has battered this island nation with high winds and torrential rain. Typhoon “Haiyan” is a category-five super typhoon and has caused mudslides, flooding, a storm surge over 25 feet and deaths.  

Millions have fled for their lives and destruction of property is widespread, especially in areas where homes are poorly constructed. In some regions the residents are still recovering from a massive earthquake just last month.  Calls for help have been coming in and LIFE is already responding.