Mission Feeding


We are currently feeding more than 400,000 children, a large number to be sure, but what really counts is the ability to be there for “just one more.” No child’s final days and hours should be spent in a clinic.

Mission Feeding is the “good news” presented to children through a simple bowl of nutritious food – a genuine, life-altering expression of Christ’s love for them.

I appreciate the mission team and their efforts on behalf of the children, but I will tell you that your response today is even more important. You may never go to Africa, but every time you give to LIFE, YOU GO!!

YOU GO with love and compassion to children who hunger.

That makes YOU part of LIFE’s team, and together we can and will save more lives. Your gift today can help make a lifesaving difference.

Malnutrition, starvation and suffering can cease by simply providing children the nutrition they need, and that’s what Mission Feeding does with every bowl of food, given in Jesus’ Name.

IMPORTANT – Besides funding Mission Feeding, we must raise an additional $316,000 for 8 heavy-duty, all-terrain trucks to deliver the food from the factory to the outreach centers and also to replace 76,000 bowls for the children.

Gifts are considered to be without restriction as to use unless explicitly stipulated by the donor.