Mission Feeding

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.
—Proverbs 22:9 (NIV)

Hungry children need the nutritious food mixture specially formulated for them in Mission Feeding. It’s filled with the vitamins, minerals and proteins that can restore them to health in less than 6 months. I like to say, “There’s a blessing in every bowl.”

It’s the answer for children before they spiral further and end up at a malnutrition clinic. (And I know for a fact all the clinics are currently filled to capacity.)

Mission Feeding can change the lives of these desperately-hungry children the day we begin feeding in their villages.

Your gift sends food to where it’s needed most. Supplies from our latest campaign have been effectively used, and the mission workers are anxious to hear that we will continue feeding every child depending on us.

What they cannot provide for themselves, you can. Today, I’m asking you to give your best to help support the life-saving work of Mission Feeding and ensure we can feed in areas of greatest need.