Mission Feeding

M 15 37 "Monica's Tears" from LifetodayTV on Vimeo.

“We need help in South Sudan!”

That was the urgent request from mission workers on the scene.

Children and families fled from rebel forces, running for their lives with only the clothes on their backs. For months they’ve had nothing but heartache, sorrow and sadness, while living as refugees in their own land. With peace finally settling in the region, families are returning to their villages, only to discover more of the horror of the conflict with their homes burned to the ground, crops destroyed and livestock slain.

Our teams have identified an additional 25,000 children who, without our help, are facing starvation and even death. These little ones have seen loved ones slain, felt the pangs of hunger and the fear of running for their lives. Their world has been turned upside-down, but with your help today, they can depend on Mission Feeding!

Please understand, these 25,000 children will be fed every weekday in addition to the 400,000 children already part of the Mission Feeding outreaches across southern Africa.

Together, we are in a race to save lives, running to the sides of children who are fighting to live and giving them the food they need to survive.

Today, YOU are an answer to the prayers of mothers who have cried out to God for food for their children, YOU are coming to the aid of “family” and finally YOU are answering the prayers of mission workers believing their food supplies will remain uninterrupted.

Proverbs 22:9 reminds us, The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

Please share life through Mission Feeding; it’s the promise of life today and hope for tomorrow!