Water for LIFE

I first told you Von’s story in a letter I sent you in the summer of 2012. When Von buried his daughter and – only a few years later – one of his grandsons, he was devastated. 

“I’m scared that the water that killed my daughter will take the life of yet another of my grandchildren!”

As tears of anguish streamed down Von’s face, we committed to do all that we could to drill and establish a well in Von’s village.

Here’s the rest of the story!

In less than a year, LIFE was able to drill and establish a water well for Von and his family to enjoy for years to come. Stories just like Von’s are being realized around the world – thanks to Water for LIFE. Once our mission team assesses the needs and determines the best place to drill and establish a water well, we go into action. The process involves several steps, including:

  • Getting the proper permits to drill. 
  • Completing geological surveys for the best strategic location for a well.
  • Moving in heavy-duty drilling equipment to bore holes hundreds of feet into the ground to access natural reserves of clean water.
  • Building a permanent water station on a concrete slab.

Friend, this is not the end of the story. Because of you, it’s just the beginning . . .

We can stop the cycle of death with each new water well we drill and build. Everyone’s health, especially the children’s, improves immediately. Villages become more productive, and children – especially girls – who used to spend their days fetching water can now go to school. The entire future looks more productive and becomes better because the drinking water is clean and safe.  

With our hearts joined, we are putting love into action and saving lives.

It’s true: Clean water changes everything

That’s why in 2014, we will drill 500 water wells around the world and celebrate drilling our 4000th water well! This is the 15th year of Mission: Water for LIFE. With more than 3700 water wells now in use, each well serves an average of 1000 villagers. That means more than 3.7 million people now have clean water!

Every person deserves clean water for a healthy life.
This is what we live for. This is what you give for.