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My Heart

My Heart

About the Resource:

How would you live if there were a chance you would not wake up tomorrow? Julie Manning answers that question in her book, My Heart

While giving birth, Julie Manning experienced an irregular heartbeat that turned out to be heart failure. Test results confirmed that this active mother, marathon runner and pediatric nurse practitioner faced the possibility of experiencing sudden cardiac death. 

After answering some very thought-provoking questions about life and death, Julie chose to share her life-changing lessons to help others. 

In My Heart: Every Beat Surrendered to Our Unchanging God, Julie answers the question of how she’s chosen to use the time God has given her, with the possibility of sudden death looming on the horizon. 

Part re-telling her journey and part journaling her feelings, My Heart is filled with what she learned about God’s faithfulness, love and compassion. 

What would you do if this were you? Here’s a blueprint to truly surrendering your life to our amazing God!

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