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Collecting Confidence

Collecting Confidence

About the Resource:

In Collecting Confidence, Kim reminds you that you are not your current circumstance. You are not your current habits. Where you are right now is, in fact, simply your starting place to become who you’re meant to be. If you’ve lost your way and forgotten who you are, this book will: 

  • Equip you to glean empowerment from life’s lowest moments.
  • Blend down-home wisdom with laugh-out-loud humor.
  • Inspire you with no-holds-barred stories from Graceland to Piggly Wiggly.
  • Help you understand the importance of how you see yourself.
  • Change your perspective to realize mistakes can be stepping stones. 

Now is the time to be still, listen to God, and start collecting confidence one step, one lesson, one experience and even one mistake at a time. As Kim says, “You can’t be authentic in the world if you can’t be real with yourself.” Collecting Confidence is a sumptuous collection of life experiences, hard-earned wisdom and unexpected blessings.

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