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Words with God

Words with God

About the Resource:

We know we should pray. It would be good for us, help us be more grounded, more connected to God. But in our hurried lives, slowing down to pray can feel like a cosmic waste of time. 

In Words with God, bestselling author Addison Bevere takes you into and through the tension of prayer, the struggles, the doubts, the answers, to the place where God makes himself real to you. He tackles questions such as: 

  • What do we do with unanswered prayers and how do we move through them? 
  • Why does God invite us to ask through prayer if he is aware of every need? 
  • Is there a right way to pray? If so, what is it? 
  • How do we learn to hear the Voice of God? 

Tired of boring, empty and transactional prayer? This is the book for you.

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