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Mission Feeding

The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor. Proverbs 22:9

LIFE’s Mission Feeding outreach is the promise to hungry and starving children to provide “LIFE WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST!” Mission Feeding provides meals until food sources become stable, crops can be grown and a community returns to self-reliance.

Mission Feeding began in 1989 with a challenge to feed 5000 starving children in South Africa. This year, Mission Feeding will feed and minister to 400,000 hungry and starving children daily in southern Africa.

Fighting hunger and saving children’s lives involve different levels of service and resources. At the clinics, Mission Feeding provides a fortified powdered milk for feeding extremely malnourished children who can only take in liquids. We also set up feeding outreaches in new areas of need. Mission Feeding in schools seeks to become the magnet for children to draw them toward education and eventually better opportunities for the future. Often, this meal is their only food for the day.

Currently, Angola continues to have one of the world’s highest under-5 mortality rates, with malnutrition being the leading complication in their deaths.

Those who do survive severe malnutrition often suffer recurring sickness, faltering growth and diminished learning ability.

Your gift to Mission Feeding will help save and restore young lives. Through the years, this incredible mission has been instrumental in helping to save the lives of more than 11 million children and is now considered one of the most effective feeding programs in Africa.