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Mission Feeding

Mission Feeding is the answer to the needs of starving and malnourished children in southern Africa, offering the promise to provide LIFE when it is needed MOST. Mission Feeding reaches areas where crops have failed and crisis conditions are widespread. Malnourished and dying children, parents who lack resources to provide food for their starving babies, and communities devastated by drought or flood desperately need help.

Malnourished children have lowered resistance to infection and disease and are more likely to die from common childhood ailments like diarrheal diseases and respiratory infections. And those who do survive malnutrition often suffer with recurring sickness, stunted growth and diminished learning abilities.

Mission Feeding began in 1989 with a challenge to feed 5000 starving children in South Africa. Since that time, the lives of more than 13 million children have been saved, thanks to the gifts of people like you who help provide LIFE when it is needed MOST.

But we aren’t done yet. Malnutrition remains the leading complication in the deaths of children under 5 in developing countries, and nearly 3 million children will die this year due to malnutrition.

That’s why, together with our partners and friends, we’re feeding and ministering to 400,000 starving and malnourished children every day in southern Africa. Much of the time, we work in partnership with local schools, providing children nutritious food in the place where they further their educations and build futures with more opportunities.

We are so grateful for your generosity in sharing the gift of LIFE!