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Words of Life

Worship Anyway

By Andi Andrew Words of Life

I have found that heartbreak can give voice to healing and hope. This makes no sense except for the divine, unfathomable truth that our God, the Living Word, put on flesh and entered into our despair to redeem with His perfect love all that had been lost. When my mom…

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Save, Please!

By Randy Robison Words of Life

Today we celebrate Easter, the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. For his contemporaries, it marked a dramatic turn of events. One week prior, this controversial prophet entered Jerusalem to much fanfare. Palm branches, often used to greet kings and welcome returning military conquerors, swirled in the air as people waved…

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The Scarcity Mindset

By Robert Morris Words of Life

One of the most prominent and defining characteristics of our heavenly Father is His generosity. The entirety of Scripture testifies to this. Of course, children naturally take after their fathers. Which is why I frequently point out that we are never more like our Father than when we are being…

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Get Engaged

By Jack Hibbs Words of Life

I believe that God has been preparing his church and is calling us to a new level of even greater commitment. He has appointed each of us to be alive at this moment in time. We should be waking up every morning with anticipation and excitement at the thought of…

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Culture And Politics

By James Robison and Jay Richards Words of Life

“Once, politics was about only a few things,” eminent political scientist James Q. Wilson once observed, “today, it is about nearly everything.” Andrew Breitbart’s dictum—that politics is downstream from culture—is right. But the stream moves in two directions: Culture is also downstream from politics. As a result, no serious effort…

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We Have Hope Again

By Jennie Allen Words of Life

A few nights ago, one of my best friends, Emily, and I were at dinner. She sat down and, without any small talk, launched right in. “I’m afraid I am depressed.” Emily is in a lot of counseling right now, working through decades of hard circumstances and pain. She said,…

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The Habit of Nearness

By Robert J. Morgan Words of Life

We can more easily develop a calming, continuing dependence on God by regularly remembering how near He is. How present He is. During my college days, a few buddies and I were hiking somewhere in a beautiful gorge when we detoured over a ravine by walking across a fallen tree….

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Absolute Surrender

By Michele Cushatt Words of Life

It took a third cancer diagnosis to force me to let go of my life. Not that I had much choice in the matter, but for the year before, I’d been tirelessly attempting to control my fate. I changed my diet, eating less sugar and more cruciferous vegetables. I ran…

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By Tim Ross Words of Life

One time, I was at the Cheesecake Factory—which I lovingly refer to as my northside office—for a lunch meeting. A young lady was serving our table, and for some reason the Holy Spirit kept saying, “She’s beautiful… She’s beautiful… She’s beautiful… “ I didn’t want to tell the young lady…

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