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No More Faking Fine

No More Faking Fine

About the Resource:

During times of trouble, it can be painful to fake that all is well. Esther Fleece writes it’s okay to be honest with God and others. 

If you’re wounded by empty clichés – albeit from well-meaning people – during your painful moments, it can hurt even more when you’re told to pretend that everything is fine. 

In No More Faking Fine, Ester Fleece, gleaning from her personal experiences, writes that God meets us where we are, not where we “pretend” to be. He invites us to lament and take its unexpected pathway to true intimacy with God. 

No More Faking Fine is your permission to voice your hurt, disappointment and frustration. God’s Word will draw you closer to Him as He leads you through darkness and into His marvelous light.

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