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You Are a Masterpiece

by Michael W. Smith

So many today, desperate to find answers, are asking the tough questions about life, like:

  • Is this really all there is?
  • Does my life matter?
  • What am I doing here?
  • How can I find purpose in my life?

Well, here’s a very different question for you: Have you ever wondered why you have fingerprints? Over the years, scientists have released numerous research reports and studies on this mystery of our anatomy, yet they all conflict with or even refute one another. The one truth that science does agree on is that no two people on the earth have ever had the same fingerprints.

There has never been a duplicate set found among the millions upon millions of people who have lived on this planet. How could science ever explain that fact, especially if one’s origin belief is evolution or random chance?

The only explanation that solves the enigma of fingerprints is the intentional creation of life from a loving Father. The belief that He uniquely made only one of you. The old saying, “When God made you, He broke the mold,” is partially true. He did make you, but there is no mold, because you are an original! No one has ever existed, or will ever exist, with your looks, personality, gifts, skills, and spirit. That means no one else can fill your place! No one can ever fulfill your life’s mission but you!

What if, like the painter’s final brush strokes on the canvas, your Father completed you with His customized signature? What if your Abba Father gave you your fingerprints simply to provide clear evidence of the great detail and care He took in your creation?

Some of our biggest struggles throughout life center around two factors: identity and approval. The concept of random chance offers no unique identity. An unknown origin leaves no answers, only questions. Such a belief leaves approval up to everyone and no one at the same time, which is our current state, wherein the masses seek approval from total strangers online.

But believing in creation by a loving and intentional Father means He gave you your identity so who you are can be found in a relationship with Him through Christ. And with His identity confirmed in you, the only approval needed is to be who you were made to be by the One who made you!


Michael W. Smith talks about the wisdom and ways of his father this Monday on LIFE TODAY. This is an excerpt from The Way Of The Father by Michael W. Smith. Copyright ©2021 Michael W. Smith. Published by K-LOVE Books, an imprint of EMF Publishing, LLC. Used by permission.