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Miracle For Jen

by Linda Barrick
Miracle For Jen
by Linda Barrick

About the Resource:

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Barrick was the daughter parents dream about: a varsity athlete and cheerleader; a healthy, happy girl with a loving heart. And if the Barrick family had left church even one minute later that night, everything might have stayed the same.

But in a moment, a drunk driver careened into their van at eighty miles an hour. The entire family was seriously hurt ¬– but Jen's injuries were so devastating that the paramedics thought she had not chance to live.

As Jen lay in a coma for five weeks, her mother, Linda, pleaded with God to heal Jen from her severe brain trauma – to let her daughter be “normal.” When Jen finally awoke, however, it became clear that normal would have to be redefined. While she had slept, she rested in God's presence, and now she seemed to have gained a new capacity – perhaps a miraculous one – for connecting with Him. Was this the miracle Linda prayed for? If so, was it enough? Could she trust God with Jen's future in the wake of the accident? Could she trust in His love for them all?

Discover how God turned normal into extraordinary in a transformational story of hope and love. What happened to this family will strengthen and renew your faith ... and leave you forever changed.

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