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God's Daily Promise Devotional Set

Four quarterly devotionals make a wonderful daily reading companion and reminder for time with Scripture and prayer. 

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Faith, Hope & Love Coaster Set / God's Daily Promises Devotional Set

The comforting words of 1 Corinthians 13:13 is artistically displayed on each coaster. 

Suggested Donation: $100.00 USD

Free To Be Me Book & Journal

Read the 50th anniversary edition of Betty’s life story and record your own journey in the Free To Be Me Journal.

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Eyes Up

Alexandra will teach you how to embrace God's sovereignty in every twist and turn of your life.

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The Case for Heaven

Learn from interviews with experts about the evidence for the afterlife learn answers to questions like what happens when we die.

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Fiercely Loved

In times of uncertainty, we need some pillars we can build our lives on. 

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Joni 45th Anniversary Edition

Joni highlights the unforgettable story of a young woman's courageous struggle to find hope after being completely paralyzed.

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Beyond Keto

Be empowered to lose weight, heal your gut and reverse disease with information and recipes for a healthy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle

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Health and Hope Package

Receive these 3 resources - Healthy Gut Zone / 40 Days of Healing Promises / Beyond Keto.

Suggested Donation: $75.00 USD

The Chosen devotional

Further your relationship with Christ through this devotional featuring 40 days of Scriptures, stories, questions and prayer suggestions. 

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Amazing Grace framed wall art / The Chosen devotional

The framed lyrics will grace your home or office, or wherever displayed and be a reminder of God’s grace to you.

Suggested Donation: $100.00 USD

Contagious Faith

Become equipped to share God's love with others in a way that's authentic, comfortable and impactful.

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Rest & War

Discover ways to battle what’s holding you back while building what will propel you forward.

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The Jesus I Know

Through conversations with people and personalities you will be intrigued and challenged to find the Jesus you, too, can know.

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