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God's Daily Promise Devotional Set

Four quarterly devotionals make a wonderful daily reading companion and reminder for time with Scripture and prayer. 

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Faith, Hope & Love Coaster Set / God's Daily Promises Devotional Set

The comforting words of 1 Corinthians 13:13 is artistically displayed on each coaster. 

Suggested Donation: $100.00 USD

Eyes Up

Alexandra will teach you how to embrace God's sovereignty in every twist and turn of your life.

For a donation of any amount

Fiercely Loved

In times of uncertainty, we need some pillars we can build our lives on. 

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Joni 45th Anniversary Edition

Joni highlights the unforgettable story of a young woman's courageous struggle to find hope after being completely paralyzed.

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Beyond Keto

Be empowered to lose weight, heal your gut and reverse disease with information and recipes for a healthy, anti-inflammatory lifestyle

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Health and Hope Package

Receive these 3 resources - Healthy Gut Zone / 40 Days of Healing Promises / Beyond Keto.

Suggested Donation: $75.00 USD

The Chosen devotional

Further your relationship with Christ through this devotional featuring 40 days of Scriptures, stories, questions and prayer suggestions. 

For a donation of any amount

Amazing Grace framed wall art / The Chosen devotional

The framed lyrics will grace your home or office, or wherever displayed and be a reminder of God’s grace to you.

Suggested Donation: $100.00 USD

Contagious Faith

Become equipped to share God's love with others in a way that's authentic, comfortable and impactful.

For a donation of any amount

Rest & War

Discover ways to battle what’s holding you back while building what will propel you forward.

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The Jesus I Know

Through conversations with people and personalities you will be intrigued and challenged to find the Jesus you, too, can know.

For a donation of any amount

Mission Possible

Find and accomplish the mission, purpose and life that you have already been called to and equipped for.

For a donation of any amount

Battle Cry

In Battle Cry, Jason Wilson equips you with the mental and spiritual weapons needed to wage and win your inner war. It’s time to win the war within!

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