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Authentically, Uniquely You

Authentically, Uniquely You

About the Resource:

Do you recognize your talents that God has given you to fulfill His purpose for your life? Authentically, Uniquely You by Joyce Meyer will help you to start asking God to show you something special about the way He's made you. 

To some people, He's given a very tender, compassionate heart, and some He has wired to lead others effectively. Others, He has given a gift of being able to communicate clearly, to teach, to make scientific discoveries, or to write beautiful music. Only you can discover all the dynamic gifts He's placed in you.

Become Authentically, Uniquely You because God is never going to help you be anyone but yourself. He loves you just as you are. Let God use you, with all your strengths and weaknesses, and transform you from the inside out to do something powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

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