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Battle Cry

Battle Cry

About the Resource:

In his follow up book to Cry Like a Man, Jason Wilson vulnerably shares about his decades long struggle with the war within. As a result, he could not combat his toxic thoughts and emotions and was instead conquered by them and communicated without composure. Once he renewed his mind, by releasing years of past trauma, his life and relationships were transformed. In the process, Jason became a better husband, father and leader. Many men face a similar internal battle but are never taught how to win. 

In Battle Cry, Jason equips you with the mental and spiritual weapons needed to wage and win your inner war by showing you how to: 

  • Master your emotions rather than be ruled by them
  • Win internal battles before they become external wars
  • Reject the world’s definition of masculinity and embrace comprehensive manhood
  • Communicate more effectively with the people in your life; and
  • Release trauma from your past so you can live fully to your potential in the present

You can live beyond the limitations of your mind and finally experience the life you’ve always longed for. You can break through what you’ve been through.

It’s time to win the war within!

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