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Beautifully Unbroken

Beautifully Unbroken

About the Resource:

Raised in abuse and neglect by her mother, who had been a prostitute, and a father who chose his new wife over her, Jodie Ballenger didn’t grow up with expectations of a warm bed, food to eat or a safe space free from harm. Beautifully Unbroken is Jodie’s thrilling and heartbreaking story of agony and redemption and where a road that seems hopeless can lead to all you ever need.

This book will help people of all ages who deal with addiction (Jodie started smoking pot and popping pills at 9 years old and meth by 14). This book is for friends and loved ones of those dealing with addiction, those who believe they can’t change their lives because of the horrific circumstances they may be trapped in. Beautifully Unbroken covers issues like criminal families, substance abuse addictions, prostitution, gangs, violence, jail and prison, sexual and domestic abuse, sex trafficking, depression, suicidal thoughts, poverty and shame. This book will show the light in a very dark tunnel and inspire hope, change and restoration. This book may save your life or the lives of people you love and others. It’s the lifeline you and your loved ones are looking for. Includes: A Quick Start Guide to Help You Heal

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