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About the Resource:

Grace Wabuke Klein knows that there is purpose in our darkest days and seasons of waiting. In Flourish, Grace meets the reader in their heartache, disappointment and pain and gives encouragement and a fresh perspective on the winter seasons we all go through, as well as practical steps to not just survive but to find purpose in the unknown and unexpected. 

Drawing insight from her own winter seasons, Grace reveals the divine purpose in each season of our lives. She explains how:

  • Fall is a time of release—a necessary season of letting go of offenses, unhealthy relationships, hurts, bad habits, toxic friendships, pride, unforgiveness and other heart issues before we can ever move on to the next season.
  • Winter is a time of unexpected challenges and unknown futures—yet lessons learned in life’s storms are deep and full of growth to shape us and makes us stronger.
  • Spring is a time of new things that require us to be open to new experiences, people, ideas and perspective—stepping out into the unknown and uncomfortable.
  • Summer is a time when everything is flourishing—we clearly see how each season cultivated a deeper level of faith and spiritual muscles, developing our character and perseverance.

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