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From Survive to Thrive

From Survive to Thrive

About the Resource:

Holy. Healed. Healthy. Happy. Humble. Hungry. Honoring. These are the seven biblical principles that will change your world! In From Survive to Thrive, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez shares how these seven words can serve as guiding beacons in your life. The pages are filled with passages from the Bible that coincide with the personal stories Rev. Rodriguez shares. With each chapter closing with a set of questions to reflect on and a prayer, you will be encouraged to grow in your faith as you learn these seven principles. If you embody these values, you won’t have to always seek God’s blessing, because the favor of God will be attracted to you. Get ready to live a HOLY, HEALED, HEALTHY, HAPPY, HUMBLE, HUNGRY, HONORING LIFE so that you can change the world!

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