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Good Catastrophe

Good Catastrophe

About the Resource:

Good Catastrophe is your blueprint for finding your way out of pain. It is an atypical, no holds barred message of redemptive hope that will breathe new sunshine into your soul. 

Imagine the tide turning on your greatest challenges and problems. In a gritty and unique take on the story of Job, Benjamin Windle shows that flourishing does not come from a life devoid of loneliness, trauma and anxiety. It's one lived with hope engineered for adversity. 

Along with Job's story, he pulls from J. R. R. Tolkien's fascinating concept of "eucatastrophe," showing that your greatest good starts at your point of deepest pain. True hope is not hype. It's not pretending that everything is fine. Hardship, not perfection, is the starting point of hope.

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