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How Did I Get Here

How Did I Get Here

About the Resource:

Do you feel lost or disconnected? Like you’re just going through the motions? Join Christine Caine in her journey as she turns her eyes back to Jesus, asking the hard questions along the way.

When you don’t know the next step to take, God’s grace empowers you with a way forward. His hope offers an anchor for the soul and a way to get back on track. His faithfulness declares that wherever you are now, He is always ready to bring you home.

With refreshing candor and relatable humor, Christine offers biblical insights helping you:

  • Identify nine signs you are drifting off course and realign with God’s purpose.
  • Ask the right questions about your relationships with God, others, and your own heart.
  • Move from a what-if faith to an even-if faith.
  • Wrestle honestly with your soul’s longings.

Explore the question ‘how did I get here?’ and find your way back to God.

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