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Living Amazed & The Stream

Living Amazed & The Stream

About the Resource:

In this two-book bundle, James Robison shares his testimony and what it means to live amazed as well as spiritual insight on what it will take to revive our nation.  

Throughout James Robison's life, he has had countless opportunities to witness the power of God and His amazing grace – sharing with ministers, presidents, entertainers and celebrities. As you read these inspiring stories in Living Amazed, you'll see how God wants to use you as a witness, too. When we yield our lives to God's amazing power, He can work through us to transform lives. 

In The Stream, James Robison focuses on recent events with spiritual insight on what it will take to restore the Christian faith and revive our nation. America has been a shining light of the blessings that come with freedom for generations. Yet today the very foundation of freedom is being eroded. The Stream charts a clear path to personal revival and spiritual revolution in our culture, values, morals and government.

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