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Look Younger, Live Longer

Look Younger, Live Longer

About the Resource:

Can the hardships of aging be reversed? Yes! Dr. Francisco Contreras offers pointers on how to improve your health. 

Are you a baby boomer facing the hard facts of aging in your own life? Or are you young and determined to stay that way for as long as possible? Genesis 6:3 suggests that God set the human life span at 121 years. Breakthrough scientific research has unlocked many of the secrets of aging – proving the biblical life span to be correct. 

In Look Younger, Live Longer, Dr. Contreras shares the proven research that could increase your years and help you look and feel younger. 

This top doc at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, a cancer care facility in Mexico, says you have the power right now to greatly increase your life span and to feel better and look younger.

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