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More Power to You

More Power to You

About the Resource:

It is easy to feel as if we have nothing to offer when we live in a culture that is always telling us we aren’t good enough, pretty enough or not doing enough. We begin to believe lies about who we are and how we are failing, but that isn’t what God intended for us. In More Power to You, Margaret Feinberg encourages us to replace the lies with biblical truths in 90 seconds a day. These brief but powerful devotions are designed to unleash the true you and remind you of who you really are.

Through 52 devotions, More Power to You:

  • exposes false beliefs
  • shows you that the places of your deepest hurts can become wellsprings of your greatest healing
  • shares the daily practice of 90-Second Daily Declarations

More Power to You equips men and women to:

  • embrace your true identity every day
  • find power in knowing you are already worthy in God's eyes
  • break free from the negative thoughts that hold you hostage 

Try the 90-Second Daily Declaration Challenge and experience the joyous life God wants for you.

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